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The entire management and staff warmly welcome all students and parents to Federal Science and Technical College, Ijebu-Imusin. Teaching and learning are the core activities of a School. As such, this School focuses on promoting a high level of learning culture. Resources are allocated to furnishing an inviting place and environment for learning.

The essence of this School is that it puts great Teachers together with great students. It gives each the Resources, Facilities and freedom to get on with learning. It adapts the best of both traditional and modern teaching and assessment pedagogy. Results are constantly reviewed and targets set to bring improvement. The School success to date can be attributed to the extent that all members of the School community have become involved in the life of the School. I highly appreciate the School's great effort and commitment to provide all-round education to students. Apart from striking for advancement in academic achievement, the School also nurtures students with good and proper attitude and values. The formal and informal curricula on language, Mathematics, Science, Humanity, Aesthetics and physical development have developed students' multiple intelligence and aptitude for life-long learning. We welcome new members and wish to extend our invitation to you to be an active and informed member of our School community.

Federal Science and Technical College, Ijebu-Imusin is a School with a very good reputation in the comity of Federal Unity Schools. The drive for excellence permeates deeply the School Culture. As a new principal to the College, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the entire staff for the professionalism and commitment in building a solid foundation for the College, thank the Parents for their support and Students for their diligent work and engagement in the College.

Being a principal, I have a strong belief in promoting harmony, dedication and a win-win scenario for everyone in the College. Harmony can be interpreted as 'team cohesion' as long as we have a dedicated team aiming for the same goals, anything can be achieved. It is my responsibility to continue the excellent culture of this great College and maintain sustainable advancement in the future. Thank you for creating time to go through our Website. 


Abubakar Usman Kpatako

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Good Teachers don't just communicate the knowledge of books and concepts, they are also skilled in the communication of life values. Our Teachers communicate life values and skills like leadership, hardwork and discipline in addition to skillfully impacting academic knowledge.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is rich, all-engaging and is designed to aid your your wards in accomplishing relevant learning useful for a solid academic foundation and for excellence in all external and internal secondary school examinations.

Other activities

A part of our educational curriculum include other activities that enable wards develop in other areas of their lives. Our extra-curricular activities could include; Sports and recreation, Quiz competition and debates, excursions and many others.

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Are you a Student or a Parent? Do you want to check result for any Session or Term?Follow this few easy steps: 1. Click on the School portal link on the navigation above2. You will find yourself on the school portal page. Now enter your username and password as provided to you in school.3. When you have successfully logged ...

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