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Subsequent to the announcement by the Federal Ministry of Education regarding the resumption of the JSS 3 and SS 3 students, the College by this letter wants our esteemed Parents to take note of the following.

  1. Each student is to resume to the school with the underlisted items: Five (5) face masks, five (5) bottles of 100ml sanitizer for the student's personal use
  2. A set of WELL LABELLED chair and table to write examination with. This will be taken back home after the examinations. Students without chair and table WILL NOT be allowed in.
  3. One (1) 10 liters keg for water storage, cup, and cutleries iv. SS 3 (Science) One (1) 500ml Baygon (Big)
  4. SS 3 (Technical) - 1-liter bottle of original izal JSS 3 - One hard scrubbing brush
  5.  Evidence of school fees/PTA payment

The items above will be presented at the gate before students are allowed in

Parents are to warn their children to comply with the safety guidelines put in place in the College as the College will not hesitate to
deboard any student that acts to the contrary,

Parents should please note that only students will be allowed into the school compound as no car or bus will be allowed in

SS 3 students are to resume on Tuesday, 4 August, 2020 unfailingly, while JSS 3 students will resume on Wednesday, 5th August, 2020 unfailingly

Defaulter/late comers will be severely punished. Resumption hours remain 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Please note that students will not be allowed in after 6.00 pm 41 contrabands will be confiscated.


New School Fees/Bill Payment Process

The Ministry has commenced a Central Billing for all unity colleges for School Fees Payment.

Fees Payment Process;

- Visit

- Click on Federal Unity Colleges

- Find your school and click the link

- Login to school's portal using your username and password

- Select Payment/Bills

- Generate student Unique RRR

- Pay safely online or proceed to Any bank with generated RRR.

- Login to your portal and print your receipt

- Proceed to the bursary dept. with printed receipt.

The short video below describes this process in less than 2minutes

Still, need help? call 09060005987, 09060005985;

Or send an email to

You can also talk to us in realtime via the online chat at the bottom left of the school’s website/portal page.


Are you a Student or a Parent? Do you want to check result for any Session or Term?

Follow this few easy steps:


1. Click on the School portal link on the navigation above

2. You will find yourself on the school portal page. Now enter your username and password as provided to you in school.

3. When you have successfully logged in, as a Student, click on My Results OR as a Parent, click on My Ward's Result.

 It's as easy as that!


If you don't have your login details OR you have forgotten them, never worry, you can chat with us by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom-left of the  this page, OR simply call 09060005987 or send an

email to, a support agent will be readily available to help you.